Sunday, January 14, 2018

ICenter Scam

iCenter Scam

iCenter Scam

Jika anda ingin menyertai satu satu program pelaburan online?
Program yang macam mana akan anda pilih?
1. Modal yang agak tinggi, profit agak rendah tetapi mampu bertahan lama
2. Modal rendah, profit tinggi tapi collapse di tengah jalan?

Untuk kurangkan risiko, bukan bergantung kepada kecil besar modal, tapi macam mana program tu menghasilkan keuntungan dalam program tersebut...

Nak cari program yang kecil modal tapi untung besar, banyak.. Bersepah ada.. Berapa lama program tu dapat bertahan dan boleh di percayai itu persoalan dia...


iCenter Jan 13th 2018 Report, iCenter Growing FAST!

iCenter Scam

Adakah iCenter Scam??

Hello Denis,as you have probably noticed by now, we are not the usual BOT!Our plan was carefully though and tested before it went public.
Our team failed a few times, doing our own beta testing before we actually got the correct way. iCenter was supposed to be a website with a back office, but we wanted something simple, new and secure. That’s when we decide to use Telegram, and so far we are extremely happy with the results.
Our Plans includ adding many other partners, becoming recognized as the main point to invest and build trust with a certain partner and then if all is good, people can invest directly with that partner.For our first two years, we are just building trust between iCenter and it’s the Partners, on the second year, we want our partners to recognize us in Public, on their websites as a trusted partner. For that, we will be doing award ceremonies where we will recognize with a Badge the most trusted and secure partners to invest. This will bring a huge amount of attention to iCenter and hopefully the recognition we want of being the best investment center in the world. This should answer your first and last question.
Now, the different between iCenter and all the other BOT’s… we are not just a BOT… we are iCenter, we actually do what we say, we actually invest peoples money in our partners! Many Bot’s give the excuse of suffering hacker attacks that steal all money, they are pure scams and thieves, if they where actually trading (for example) the money would not be in their wallets in the first place to be stolen!the question here should be, what is the difference between iCenter and any other HYIP Scams, and that is easy… iCenter is not:HYIP – we actually invest in our partners and earn returns from them, we even give full reports about money coming in and going out!SCAM – everyone receives what they are due almost instantly when they request.PONZI – Our returns come from the partners we invest in, not from the money people deposit.PYRAMID – anyone can be the top earner, no matter what stage you come in with investment or without!
So, as you can see, iCenter is very different from anything else around, we are not just “another Bot”  and for sure we will stay for longer the 5 years!Hope this information helped.
Thank you
Jika anda mencari program pelaburan yang modal rendah tetapi pulangan tinggi dan menjana keuntungan yang pantas tetapi memilih untuk pasif.. iCenter bukan pilihan yang baik.

Tetapi jika anda mencari program pelaburan online yang trusted, bertahan lama, tidak kisah pada modal.. iCenter antara piliihan yang baik...

Ingin sertai iCenter?
Klik banner di bawah. Pastikan anda telah mempunyai Telegram di HP atau Komputer anda.


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